Is your building ready for the 21 st century?

SAMCON provides forward-thinking green maintenance methods that enhance the value of your commercial, industrial or residential property.  We all know that environmental responsibility has increasingly become an economic and social emergency.   The question is, are you part of the problem or the solution?  Be it water pipe laying, steel rehabilitation or concrete works, our nature-friendly maintenance services  are designed to upgrade your building to a cost-effective green structure. Find out how 

Future-proof maintenance solutions

Water shortages continue to haunt Africa. Trust our green plumbing solutions to help your building save thousands of litres every day!

Hands-on approach

Coming from a traditional construction background , the SAMCON team places great value in cautious human-eye judgment, calculated measurements and attention to detail.

Cost-saving strategies

According to research – recyclable, easy-to-install and durable materials like polycarbonate sheets are a cheaper and safer alternative to the glass and steel roof sheet we’ve always trusted.  Green buildings are a long-term investment.

We Are Going Green With

Westgate Mall

Silver Star Casino


Mogale City Municipality