Enviromental Care

-Preventive Operation and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance anticipates and prevents problems from occurring and maintains the long-term integrity of all assets rather than fixing the short-term problems.

-Sheduled Cleaning of Sewers

Areas of increased maintenance are cleaned monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, according to historical results.

-Resolution of Customer Complaints

Staff will investigate and, if appropriate, jet the line to remove any standing water.

-Maintenance Activity Records

The log includes equipment used, location, description of the work performed and any remarks.

-Rehabilitation and Replacement Plan

The program should include regular visual and TV inspections of manholes and sewer pipes, and it should list the condition of sewer pipes for priority scheduling of replacement or rehabilitation with ranking applied to each significant defect.

-Routine Visual Inspections

Staff also looks for damage due to excessive hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) corrosion. If any defects are noted, recommendation is initiated to make the necessary repairs.

-CCTV Inspection Program

Information was entered identifying the size of the main, material, level of water in the pipe, length, and obversations about any materials on the surface, and the existence of cracks, fractures, holes, offsets, and collapses.

-Manhole Inspection Program

Every manhole is inspected; when jetting is performed and when preventative maintenance operations such as odor control and insect eradication take place.